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Two Alleys Role-Playing Game

Life After Hogwarts

Two Alleys - Life After Hogwarts
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Welcome to Two Alleys, a Wizarding World-based role-playing game set in the years after the graduation of Harry Potter's class at Hogwarts.

Original characters and characters created by J. K. Rowling are welcome. Please be aware that this RPG, while based upon the Wizarding World universe, is not entirely canon. Some elements of the game--certain settings and other entities--have been created and developed for the game, and they do not exist in Rowling's creation.

The format for this RPG is freeform. It is a writing and tale-telling game, not round-robin. This means that, though the GMs will create some gamewide plots, each player is primarily responsible for plotting out stories for his or her character(s) and writing those stories.

Age Requirement: Players should be 17 years of age or older.

Other game policies and links to the character sheet template and information about the setting and backstory and are on this page.

Reference information about this game can be found in the two_alleys journal.

Two Alleys is now open and is accepting new players. Applications should be sent to: two_alleys@livejournal.com. Please use 'Two Alleys' as the subject line. You should receive a reply within a week.

This game is moderated by two_alleys.