2a_lupin (2a_lupin) wrote in two_alleys_rpg,

Owl to Professor M. McGonagall, Hogwarts

Dear Minerva

What the hell is happening? I have just returned to the cottage from my few days around full moon and I got myself a copy of the Daily Prophet. What's this about Anders being in St. Mungo's? Trying to kill someone? What's going on?

You told me he was a competent sort of man. I need him to have his head screwed on if he's going to obtain that artefact for me. He's the only person who can help me achieve this important goal.

Please do me a favour and go kick him into touch.

I can't believe this has happened. If it weren't for the fact I knew it to be 100% truth, I'd doubt he was Sirius' son.


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